Why you should float

 The total sensory deprivation intrigued my mind.

Why you should float

 The total sensory deprivation intrigued my mind.

Posted by Mitch Brown on

Over the years I have dabbled in the odd wellness activity or two. My wife tends to be the one that encourages (slash drags) me to these activities. Mostly I enjoy them. But when Shae suggested our new activity, it took me a while to come around.

OK I don’t mind disclosing I have a mild case of claustrophobia and a slightly above average fear of water… I can cope with both… separately… but combining them for “peaceful pleasure” in the form of an enclosed pod shin deep in water… I was thinking “yeah, nah, no thanks”… But when Shae started listing the benefits I was half-way sold. The benefits can include:

Accelerated recovery from injury

Increased levels in energy (ATP)

Ideal space for visualisation

Boosts the immune system

Reduction in Lactic acid levels in the body

So I hop into the pod with around 30cms deep in water. The water has a salt concentration high enough to carry your weight that allows you to float like you are in the Dead Sea. You pull the lid over your head and suddenly you are in complete darkness.

After my first float (yes I lived to tell the tale) I was curious. I was curious about this totally new experience. The total sensory deprivation intrigued my mind. In the total blackness, my imagination feels the void and the imagery I see feel's like was a window into my soul. I have done a few Floats now and I think each and every float has been a different experience. I become so in tuned to my thoughts. The experience I have on that given day is indicative of what kind of week I am having emotionally. I feel the float is able to give me a measure on how my soul is feeling in that moment. The float can capture the good feelings and can help reset my troubled feelings.

A float is what ever you want to get out of it and is certainly not for everyone. I do recommended everyone should try it at least once.




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